Work experience at Joy for Languages

Romane2Joy for Languages is pleased to be part of the annual Work Experience placement programme for young school students in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

We’d like to say a big ‘well done’ and thank you to this year’s student, Romane Allen of Waldegrave School – a credit to herself and to her school.

Romane says “My work experience with Joy for Languages was (pun definitely intended) a total joy. I attended a variety of lessons with various age groups around the borough and found each one to be a new and exciting experience. The children were passionate and enthusiastic and the Jolie Ronde method of teaching really encourages independence and participation; the children were all eager to please! I found the tutors friendly and accommodating, helping me with any questions, but also giving me a measure of freedom to lead my own activities. By the end of the week I felt like a real part of the team. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity and would recommend it to any prospective language tutors or teachers of any kind.”


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