FAQs : On-screen Classes

If you have a general question about Joy for Languages and our La Jolie Ronde language programme, you can find our general FAQs page by clicking here.


I’ve not used Zoom before. What do I need to do?

For those who’ve not used Zoom before, it’s a video meeting app. With Zoom, you can use any device with a camera and microphone to join our on-screen classes (and separately to have video meetings with your friends and family!). For our on-screen lessons in particular, we’d suggest that while your phone might do if nothing else is available, a tablet is better and a laptop or desktop is best (bigger screen = better class experience).

Please download the Zoom app beforehand. A download link may be found here. Choose Zoom Client for Meetings, if you are on laptop or PC. Or follow the links to Zoom Mobile Apps via the Apple App store (for Apple mobile devices) or Google Play store (for Android mobile devices). It will ask you to create a Zoom account. It’s free.

How to join an on-screen Joy for Languages class?

When it comes to your child’s on-screen lesson time, we would ask that you (the responsible adult) initiate the join-meeting step. We also ask you, for the purposes of safeguarding during each of the on-screen sessions, to be within close and easy access of your learner at all times during the lesson.

The evening before each of your weekly sessions we will send by email the instructions for joining the coming session, including a (regularly changing) password.

What other safeguarding steps are you taking?

You may have heard stories of where other people’s Zoom meetings have been ‘Zoom-bombed’ (unauthorised attendees). In these cases, the meeting organiser and attendees have usually not totally followed the recognised security/safeguarding protocols that are available. For our on-screen classes, we are following the published standards set by many leading academic institutions, including:

  • all meetings are password controlled
  • the passwords are changed regularly. Hence our system of issuing regular time-limited joining instructions.
  • all class attendees are admitted via the ‘Meeting Room’, are checked one-by-one by the tutor against the class register of legitimate/expected attendees, and are admitted only if they appear on the register.
  • screen-sharing and file-sharing is disabled for all except the host (our tutor)
  • if necessary, our tutors can and will remove an unauthorised or disruptive attendee – and they will be unable to rejoin the meeting

Of course, the internet is a big place, and we will continue to review our safeguarding protocols, but you (the responsible adult) also have a key role to play. We therefore ask you to observe the following steps:

  • not to share any email containing joining instructions
  • we would ask that you (and not your child) initiate the join-meeting step
  • in the join-meeting step, when prompted please enter your child’s name (in place of your name). This makes it easier for our tutors to manage their registers.
  • please be within close and easy access of your learner at all times during the lesson.

What else does my child need for the lesson?

In a half hour session writing may not always be possible. Nevertheless, your child having to hand a pencil, scrap paper, colouring pencils, rubber and so on is good practice. More important, perhaps, if possible would be a little bit of space so that they can be up and active if required! Ideally, your child should work independently – just as they do in their regular Joy for Languages sessions.

My other child is interested, too. Can they join in the on-screen lesson?

Yes, by all means, if you have another child at home then as long as your additional child is learning within the same session as your registered participant there will be no extra charge. In this case, it will be especially helpful if you could be the ‘referee’ to ensure ‘appropriate sharing and learning behaviour’ between the siblings!

Are you experts at on-screen teaching?

We hope that you already know that our tutors are excellent language teachers and that they will have already formed a good bond with your learner via their in-class sessions. We will also be the first to say that, initially, on-screen teaching was a brand new venture for us here at Joy for Languages. However, we’ve now successfully delivered hundreds of on-screen classes and we’ve been greatly heartened by the very positive feedback that we’ve received from parents and pupils alike to our on-screen programme. Nevertheless, this is still a new-ish, technical way of delivering lessons and I think we all understand that technology can sometimes let us down……….. Thank you all in advance for your patience and flexibility!

Will my child know the other class attendees?

Please bear in mind that although your child will almost certainly recognise other children in the session that you’ve chosen, there may well be new faces too from other Joy for Languages classes. Your child, therefore, may not necessarily have the same tutor on-screen as they’ve had to date, but each one of our Joy for Languages tutors is an exceptional teacher. They’re looking forward to seeing their young learners again.

I have another question…

We may have answered it on our general FAQs page.

Otherwise, please do contact us here. We’ll do our best to answer.

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