What are the lessons like?

The ethos of a La Jolie Ronde language lesson is having a meaningful and enjoyable language-learning experience (in French or Spanish) and the programmes we use are designed to encourage a positive approach, with lots of opportunity for listening and speaking. The children learn in social groups (alongside their peers) and under the guidance of the La Jolie Ronde tutor they gain important confidence in their new-found skills and learn freely and without inhibition.

What about homework?

We all understand the benefits of practice and for that reason the tutor will provide a (suggested) home task each week*. This will usually involve a fun exercise from within your child’s activity book and perhaps listening to some of the songs, rhymes, stories, dialogues from that day’s lesson (please refer to the inside cover of your child’s activity book to access the audio download). It may also be some kind of fun worksheet. The completion of these home tasks is entirely at the discretion of the parents and the child, dependent on available time and inclination.

*The weekly home task does not apply to nurseries, where children have the Learning Pack Bonjour Bonbon or Hola Caramelo.

What do I do with the Learning Pack/Activity Book?

These packs include the activity book and audio app, with a few other goodies too! In most cases, and especially during our half hour language classes, the content of the lesson will be based on listening and speaking activities. Therefore, books don’t generally need to be brought to the class each week; follow- up work can be done at home by checking the Suggested Home Task section of the overview. In our longer sessions it may well be that the tutor will wish to arrange supervised book work within the actual lesson time and in this case we ask you to send the book in with your child each week. Whatever, the tutor will take books in for checking each term and the week in which he/she will be doing this will be made clear on the term’s overview. If any child has not had time to participate in the suggested homework he/she will not be chastised; in other words, work done outside of the lesson is advantageous and always appreciated, but remains optional.

What are the Language Tutors like? Will my child be in good hands?

Senior Regional Advisor and founder of Joy for Languages, Joy Jermy, herself a primary school teacher, oversees La Jolie Ronde French and Spanish classes across West London and has a team of talented tutors who deliver the lessons. Joy for Languages’s enthusiastic tutors are fully DBS checked and cleared and are selected specifically for their linguistic excellence, drive, class management skills and professionalism. Tutors have to undergo rigorous training which includes safeguarding and first aid certification. They attend regular workshops and seminars and their lessons are quality checked. Read more about our tutors here.

What updates will I receive on my child’s progress?

Each term we send by email the Term Overview. This is our scheme of work and here parents are able to see what kind of language their child will have access to each week.
Then, at the end of term all parents receive, again by email, the End of Term Review showing how the term has unfolded, along with details of the language which will be coming up the following term. The review also provides parents with the dates and the fees for the coming term. Our Summer Term/End of Academic Year report also contains a comprehensive comment on each child’s progress and achievement over the year.
In return, we ask you please to make sure to pay each term’s fees promptly and by the date provided. At any time a child will not be returning for the next term’s lessons you are required to notify us of this in advance.

I have another question…

You can contact us here. We’ll do our best to answer.

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