Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are payable termly and in advance.
  • No child will be admitted to a class where fees have not been received.
  • Please note that no remission of fees is payable except in the case of extended absence (4 weeks) and supported by a doctor’s letter.
  • Should a tutor not be able on any occasion to teach the lesson then the lesson will be covered by another member of the teaching team or the lesson will be made up at another time.
  • If a lesson is missed because of circumstances beyond our control no lesson will be made up or payments refunded.
  • You agree that we may contact you by email on matters relating to the running of the language classes and your child’s participation in the learning programme.
  • You agree that your child will come to French/Spanish classes on an on-going basis and that each term your child will be automatically re-assigned to their current class or to a class which in the judgement of Joy for Languages suits their age and abilities.
  • HALF TERM NOTICE POLICY – Invoices will be automatically issued for the term’s fees prior to the start of each term and are payable in advance unless you give a half term’s notice in writing that you intend to withdraw your child from classes. If you fail to give notice you will be charged a half term’s fees.
  • Joy for Languages reserves the right to change the day, time or tutor and in rare circumstances to ask for the removal of a child from the class if his/her behaviour is deemed disruptive.
  • The book and audio download are an integral part of the course and must be purchased in advance.
  • If you do not wish your child to be photographed at any time then you must let us know this in writing.
  • Sometimes we like to use your kind comments as testimonials. If you have any objection to this please let us know.


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