Angela, Bishop Perrin

I just wanted to touch base and let you know how well William and Alex are doing in their language lessons at senior school.

Will has opted to take French at GCSE and he has just passed one of tests with an A – his teacher said at our last parents evening that she felt he had an exceptionally good grasp of languages both written and verbal.

I explained that he had been learning with you since he was young and she said that it is so encouraging to see languages being taught at primary school and she is so full of praise for his ability to work at such a high level.

Alexandra is now learning German thanks to the confidence she was given by her lessons and it so wonderful to see her enjoying her language lessons.

I just wanted to thank you and your fantastic team as they really do a wonderful job and get our children so well prepared for their senior schools and introduce them to foreign languages. Alex is now going to choose German as one of her options at GCSE as she is enjoying the lesson so much.

Thank you for giving our children an amazing opportunity.

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