Kathryn Martinez

KathrynKathryn Martinez comes from a family of fluent French and Spanish speakers. One of her earliest pre-school memories is her home French lessons with her grandmother!
Having continued learning both languages at school Kathryn spent much of her gap-year living and working in Haute Provence and Granada and then went on to complete an Honours Degree in French and Spanish at Leeds University. It was while teaching English at a collège in Montpellier that Kathryn met her French husband. Kathryn’s two young sons are growing up in a bilingual household and with the additional influence of their Spanish grandmother they are getting the full benefit of hearing and now speaking three languages from birth.
Prior to joining La Jolie Ronde Kathryn spent 10 years in consumer and market insight at a large multi-national company where she continued to use her languages in a business context. She says of La Jolie Ronde; “Teaching the languages I love to young children is an absolute joy. The children genuinely love to learn this way and they do so with an enthusiasm and energy that makes it incredibly rewarding.”

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